MBS 04- Violence In Our Community

January 11, 2014


The fourth episode of T.D. Jakes show ” Mind, Body, and Soul” included a panel of 7; Greg Ellison a professor, Jonathan Watkins a victim of gang violence, Corey Brooks a pastor, Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed a gangster turned activist, Kwanza Hall Atlantic City Councilmen and Tamika Mallory Director of National Action Network. There were multiple speakers in the audience to speak on behalf of this subject as well.

T.D. Jakes began the show by asking a very direct question. What can we do to stop the violence in our community? Here are a few of the solutions to reducing the amount of violence we see each day:

  • “Anything you do is better than doing nothing.”
  • We start reducing the rate of violence by changing the way we behave in our homes. ┬áViolence is prevalently in homes with mother’s that are hateful who then┬áhave a hateful language toward the child.
  • Kids need both parents in the home
  • Kids need hope and love from the parents
  • We need to change our mentality. Immature parents some of the parents tell their kids “if someone hits you, you better hit them back or I’m going to get you.
  • Encourage the kids in the home. Reach out to the kids

What are some of causes of the violence?

  • Music- it really does affect violence.
  • Lack of parenting.
  • School create a prison mentality by having metal detectors.
  • No self pride- kids need to see ourselves as a people who can accomplish anything.
  • Not enough programs to help keep the kids busy and out of trouble.
  • Everyone needs to get involved. It takes a village to raise a child.


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