Welcome to the “Can’t We Talk” website!  We invite you to engage the “Can’t We Talk” dialogue and join in!  Find out a little bit more about and why we started “Can’t We Talk”.

Who Are We

My name is Nikki and my husband is Jonathan.   Jonathan and I met at church. We were both raised in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  For those who are not familiar with this denomination, each year a Bishop decides whether he will send the pastor to another church or allow him to continue pasturing his current church.  Jonathan’s father is a pastor and when I was 12 years old the Bishop assigned his father to my church.   We developed our friendship for two years.  After two years of becoming best friends, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

We both knew by my sophomore year in high school that we wanted to get married.  We were perfect for each other.  We had the same beliefs and values.  We dated through all of high school and broke up a few times during college.  However, our love for each other never died. We still talked on the phone and we would visit each other at our schools.  We decided that it was foolish of us to be apart so we dated for the last three years of my college career and then we got married.  I know it was only by the grace of God and the loving, patient characteristics of my husband that our relationship has stood the test of time.


Why We Started “Can’t We Talk”

We are huge fans and supporters of T.D. Jakes so when we heard about his new show “Mind, Body, and Soul” we immediately searched to find out more about it.  We were able to find the topics of the first eleven shows.  We believe that the topics selected are worthwhile extending the conversation, because they are important topics for all of us.


Our Goal

Our desire is to encourage people to spend more time thinking about important issues.   If you find our site to be helpful please spread the word so that other people can be encouraged as well.  Thank you!



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